Hi there! I’m Matthew Gast, and I’ll be your host here.

I was a former aspiring research physicist when I realized that I didn’t love physics enough to live and breathe it for the years it would take to earn a Ph.D. That blew my post-graduate plans out of the water, and I wasn’t sure what I’d do after leaving college. As I was lamenting that fact to my mentor at the time, he smiled, and calmly said, “Matthew, the kinds of people who set up DNS servers for fun don’t usually need to ask that question.”

I’ve spent most of the past decade in computer network security, though lately, I’ve been working with 802.11. In my spare time, I take on technical projects to keep myself sharp. In 2005, it was HDTV and MythTV. In 2006, it was Asterisk.

To contact me, it’s pretty simple: firstname@firstnamelastname.com. You found the site and this page, so I’m sure you can figure out the last hurdle.

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