On-line at 33,000 feet (thanks, Lawrence!)

This morning, I am flying to Las Vegas for Interop and an OpenSEA Alliance board meeting. Fortunately for me, my flight is not completely disconnected from the ground. As I write this, I’m sitting on American Airlines 1268 behind Lawrence Lavine of Ripplewood, one of the backers of AirCell. AirCell is the company that provides Gogo Inflight Internet on American Airlines planes.

I’ve seen Gogo’s advertising on transcontinental flights (SFO/LAX-JFK), but I’ve never tried the service because I’ve never been on the right plane. Gogo is on the 767-200, but I typically fly the 767-300 flights. I’d heard that AirCell was installing Gogo on the MD-80 planes like the one I’m on right now, but I hadn’t seen it yet.

Mr. Lavine has generously allowed several passengers to try out the service. (He’s probably trying to get us hooked, and in my case, it’s working!) At $9.95 for a one-hour flight to Los Angeles, there’s clearly some work needed on the pricing model. Technically, the service seems fairly solid.

If you’re reading this, Lawrence, thanks for giving me back an hour of my time!

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