Capoeira on Cours Saleya (and other street performances in Nice)

One of the joys of eating at restaurants on Cours Saleya in Nice is that it was a focal point for much of the open-air street theater and entertainment. A Brazilian capoeira troupe performed one evening, holding athletic poses I can only dream of, like this one:

After one set, a performer gave a short lesson to a visiting child:

One of the performers flipped down a long stretch of Cours Saleya, head over heels:

With a long distance to build up speed on the return, he vaulted over a line held about six feet in the air. (As an interesting aside, I think Henri Matisse lived in the tan building in the right background of this photo.)

After dinner, I wandered around Vieux Nice, and found an informal concert near Glacier Fenocchio at 2 Place Rossetti. Place Rossetti was the site of my favorite moment in Nice. I was visiting during the Euro 2008 Cup tournament, and Spain and Russia were battling in a scoreless game as I approached Place Rossetti. Suddenly, a roar went up and the ground shook from cheering. The shock was enough to set off car alarms. Spain had scored to take the lead against Russia, and the people in Nice were cheering on Spain almost unanimously.

In the background of the photo is the lit bell tower Cathédrale Sainte Réparate, which makes a stunning background for an open-air concert.

Just as with street performances the world over, the concert ended with a hat being passed around to collect donations.

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