The Wi-Fi Summer 2008 meeting social

Sven Mesecke arranged for his employer, Buffalo, to sponsor the social event. Sven showed up with his daughter Abby, proving that we start working on developing wireless engineers young!

Our even was held at Stubbs’s Bar-B-Q, and featured some of the live music that Austin is famous for. I haven’t gone to that many concerts, so it was a bit of an eye-opening experience to be in the room with the enthusiasm and energy of the bands. Young Abby introduced the first band of the night, The Ginn Sisters:

Following a break, Guy Forsyth took the stage. Due to the heat, I had to flee the crowded area downstairs for the relative cool of the less crowded upper floor:

Throughout the evening, people were playing pool. I’m sure that the pool table was attractive in part because it was located inside the air-conditioned area. Here’s Dave Stephenson preparing to break:

It was an awesome event. My only problem was that a meeting the next morning was of interest, and 8:30 am in Austin is 6:30 am for an out-of-state Californian. I had to leave before the second set was done just to get to bed at a reasonable hour.

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