My favorite 802.11n graph: draft size over time

My reason for braving the “snowstorm” at Heathrow was to be at the JANET(UK) Networkshop conference. The organizers asked me to present an overview of current wireless standards in development. JANET(UK) is also a founding member of the OpenSEA Alliance, and has arranged for some UK universities to test the supplicant as we develop it.

I impressed (in the older sense of drafting somebody into service) Mark Tysom of JANET(UK) into taking pictures while I spoke. He captured me in front of my favorite slide in the talk, which shows the size of the 802.11n draft over time:

Several interesting vital statistics on the 802.11n draft can be found in this 802.11 working group presentation made by Bruce Kraemer, the long-time chair of TGn who has recently been elected the chair of the entire 802.11 working group.

The venue for my talk was the plenary session, which was held at The Barony Hall at the University of Strathclyde. The Barony Hall was previously a church, and is a wonderful venue for large audiences. As a speaker, it can be slightly intimidating, though!

(Thanks for taking photos, Mark!)

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