A blast from the 80s: Knight Rider on Mythbusters

When you’re stuck in the airport, sometimes you just need to kill some time. With a big flight delay, all I could really do was hang out at the Admiral’s Club and surf the web. In the course of a random walk through the Internet that I’d rather not divulge too much about, I wound up coming across this Mythbusters segment on the drive-the-car-into-the-semi-trailer stunt that was a staple of Knight Rider. The show was one of my early favorites, though it is painful now watching reruns with the knowledge that I would anxiously await new episodes each week. (Of course, I had an excuse. I was eight.)

At any rate, for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video of the stunt actually working:

(If the video is no longer available, just search “mythbusters knight rider” on YouTube and you’re sure to find it again.)

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