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A blast from the 80s: Knight Rider on Mythbusters

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

When you’re stuck in the airport, sometimes you just need to kill some time. With a big flight delay, all I could really do was hang out at the Admiral’s Club and surf the web. In the course of a random walk through the Internet that I’d rather not divulge too much about, I wound up coming across this Mythbusters segment on the drive-the-car-into-the-semi-trailer stunt that was a staple of Knight Rider. The show was one of my early favorites, though it is painful now watching reruns with the knowledge that I would anxiously await new episodes each week. (Of course, I had an excuse. I was eight.)

At any rate, for your viewing pleasure, here’s the video of the stunt actually working:

(If the video is no longer available, just search “mythbusters knight rider” on YouTube and you’re sure to find it again.)

Only idiots fly through Chicago in the winter

Sunday, December 23rd, 2007

It’s a long-held article of truth among frequent travelers that avoiding O’Hare in the winter is a good idea. Actually, it’s avoiding O’Hare period, since the summer brings nasty thunderstorms.

I, like a fool, have disregarded The Truth, and I am paying for it as I wait for my plane to arrive on a two-plus hour delay. How bad is it? Well, this snapshot of the American flight status boards should tell you. Yellow indications on the boards indicate delays. Of the six displays in the picture, the left five are for departures. 26 flights are departing on time, out of, oh, lots…

American Airlines flight departure displays