Word of the day: pleonasm

This blog is brought to you today by the word pleonasm.

It’s a fancy word that refers to redundant words in an expression. I’ve always been annoyed by the phrase “NIC card,” since the acronym “NIC” stands for “network interface card.” Technically, when you say “NIC card,” you’re saying “network interface card card,” and that just makes you sound silly.

After my recent visit to Los Angeles, a colleague pointed out that referring to “the La Brea Tar Pits” is even worse, since “la brea” means “the tar” in Spanish; technically, “the La Brea Tar Pits” translates as “the the tar tar pits.” Somehow, it doesn’t seem as silly when the phrase is a mix of different languages, though.

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  1. s leonard says:

    Ha! I was really annoyed when (windows 2000 – server and pro) bragged on their spash screens that they were “built on NT technology”
    – technically this would be “New Technology Technology”

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