eneloop charge lifetime anecdote #1

A couple of weeks ago, I recommended Sanyo’s eneloop low-discharge nickel-metal hydride rechargeables. The first set I’ve bought has finally completely discharged. I purchased a package of four AA batteries to power my Canon Speedlite. The eneloops are shipped fully charged and can be used immediately; when mine arrived on July 19, I put them into the camera and started blasting away with the flash. That set was finally exhausted on August 30. (I use the flash every week, but I am not a professional photographer who needs multiple fully charged sets of batteries per day.)

I was so impressed with the long-term charge retention that I decided to convert over to eneloops for my Logitech Harmony remote. I’ve been feeding it alkaline AAA batteries for three years, in large part because remote controls are a low-draw application that is not well suited to rechargeable batteries. My first set of AAAs for the Harmony was delivered on August 17, and I’ll post an update when those need to be recharged.

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