Belly dancing and the IEEE 802 meeting

Tonight (actually, I’m posting this early enough that it’s probably “last night” by now), Michael Williams put on an awesome get-together. In addition to some great Indian food, Michael and his wife organized a belly dancing show for us.

Yes, belly dancing. Here’s one of the better photos from the night, with a slow enough shutter speed to show off the action (and some post-processing to punch up the contrast):

Whirling belly dancer

The restaurant was a challenging shooting environment because the ambient light level was so low that a lot of the photos came out grainy. Even at ISO 1600, the ambient light required 1/8 – 1/15 second exposures. I tried using the camera’s built-in flash with a index card jury-rigged into a bounce card. A couple of times, it even worked really well, as with this shot of Frédérique with her back to the camera. With the flash, I was able to cut the shutter speed to 1/40 second, and freeze a wonderfully radiant smile:


The full gallery from the night is here. (You should also check out a couple of fun clean-up photos: the first dancer pictured above balanced a speaker stand on her head, even when the phone rang.)

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  1. Angela says:

    Great effort to shoot with restaurant lighting. You could give a lot of dance photographers some inspiration and tips. I particularly like the motion of the veil dancing with the dancer. There’s something special when you can catch the essence of movement in a still.

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