Getting OpenSEA off the ground

A little more than a month ago, the OpenSEA Alliance launched. One of my first volunteer roles with the organization was to act as the volunteer “electronic tsar” responsible for many of our communications with the outside world.

Reading stories like this one from Joe Kraus about founding Excite, I can’t help thinking how lucky we were to be getting OpenSEA off the ground in 2007. Excite had to get a $10,000 hard drive that held 10 GB to demonstrate their technology. Now, $10/month hosting accounts give you access to twenty times that storage. Plus, the proliferation of open source software means that a few clicks enabled the domain registration, the content management system for our site, and electronic mailing lists. A team of three volunteers was able to put the whole communications infrastructure together in a couple of weeks of spare time while working our “regular” jobs.

At this point, one of my big personal goals is to make the organization successful enough that we can “fire” the volunteer webmaster (me).

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