Interop 2007 in photos

Interop ended the week before last, but Las Vegas is good enough at being angry-making that it took me a week to sort through all the pictures that I took. During Interop, my major activities were related to the OpenSEA Alliance, an organization that I helped found, and the Interop Labs, the legacy of Interop’s conference and research focus.

My favorite photo of the week illustrates why the Interop Labs is so valuable for attendees. Those of us who put it on have a staging event a month before the show, and then we arrive several days early to set up demonstrations. It’s common to be troubleshooting all the way up to the opening curtain, and sometimes even well into the three-day show. To show off open-source admission control technologies using the Trusted Network Connect architecture, it was necessary for Mike McCauley, the CTO of Open System Consultants (maker of my favorite RADIUS server, Radiator) and Chris Hessing, the Open1X project lead, to work out some bugs before the show.

Mike McCauley and Chris Hessing troubleshooting

(Meanwhile, Ted Fornoles and Tim McCarthy, both of Trapeze Networks, are in the background working on another demonstration.)

Chris and Mike are both individual members of the OpenSEA Alliance, and attended a lunch meeting the group had on Tuesday. We’re all excited about the possibilities of where we might go, but there’s a lot of hard work ahead of us. Fortunately, the group has a wide cross-section of industry representation; here’s a shot of the Extreme Networks access control demonstration area, which makes use of the Open1X project software:

Extreme demonstration of Open1X project supplicant

There are several more pictures of people involved in the group in my OpenSEA gallery.

In the Interop Labs, I was a member of the VoIP team. Unfortunately, I missed the staging event because my presence was required at a meeting in Singapore. Of the demonstrations on the floor, our scalability demonstration seemed to attract the eye of most passers-by. Here, Jerry Perser of VeriWave (on the left) is explaining the demonstration to Sue Hares of Nexthop (on the right), and one of Sue’s colleagues whose name I forget:

VoIP scalability demonstration

If you’re interested, feel free to look at the full photo gallery here.

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