Above Las Vegas at night

How much do I like Interop? To answer that question, I usually point out that it’s in Las Vegas, but I go anyway in spite of the venue. I’ve made the the annual Interop pilgrimage nine times in the past decade. Last week at the close of the show, I made my way to Mix, the nightclub on the 64th floor of THEhotel in Las Vegas. The view was astounding, in part because you can look down at the bright light on top of the Luxor.

As with almost every other city I’ve been to, Las Vegas looks better at night. From Mix, I assembled a four-shot panorama of the Strip. Here’s a small excerpt from it:

Las Vegas Strip from the Mix nightclub at THEhotel

The photo was made possible by my new Canon SLR. I didn’t try taking a tripod up to the nightclub, and in any case, there’s a glass wall that I had to shoot over. To handhold the camera, even rested on the glass, required that I pull out all the tricks to keep the image steady. The shots were all taken at a speed of ISO 1600, and I’m sure that the fact I was using an image-stabilized lens didn’t hurt.

If you found the shot above attractive, you might be interested in the Las Vegas gallery, which also includes a couple of photos from the House of Blues Foundation Room at the top of the original Mandalay Bay tower.

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  1. Cool Shot. I’ve been up to Mix several times. Outstanding View, inside and outside.

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