I cut myself with the RAZR

In a post about Motorola, Katie Fehrenbacher writes at GigaOM:

The talk in Silicon Valley is that Zander received a lot of unwarranted praise for his role in promoting the RAZR, and his lack of product vision is only now being demonstrated after the shine of the RAZR has worn off.

If Zander is taking credit for the RAZR, that’s justification in my book for casting a board vote for Icahn. After a month of trying to using a RAZR, I decided that I liked it so much that I went back to the Nokia 6600 I had purchased in early 2004. I enthusiastically demoted it to a backup phone when I realized I had paid too much for it. (It was a gift, so you do the math.) My favorite part of trying wrap my brain around the RAZR was when I had to learn how to hack the phone and reinstall its software just to get a search function in the phone book.

Somebody once told me that the RAZR hardware was actually designed by one of the big custom manufacturers, and that the true designer of the hardware had tried to sell it to Nokia before Motorola. It was heartbreaking, because if the software was replaced with something usable, it would deserve to be the phone that everybody carries.

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