disown is my new favorite bash command

One of the biggest annoyances I’ve had with using nuvexport is that the latest version doesn’t work well with nohup. It used to be that I could run “nohup nuvexport” in one window and “tail -f nohup.out” in the other, and use the tail command to view the output of nuvexport and enter the right prompts. Then, when I was all done with the shell, I could just log out, and nohup would keep the export ticking along.

Well, the new nuvexport doesn’t work with nohup. Fortunately, Google led me to Rob Newcater’s BasicallyTech blog, where I learned about the magic of disown in bash. It’s much more convenient than using nohup because if I forget to start the job in the correct way, I can background it and disown it without restarting from square one.

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