Google Mobile adds traffic (and crashes)

A couple of weeks ago, I fired up what used to be called Google Local for Mobile on my Nokia, and it dutifully informed me that the software had been updated. The new release, called Google Maps for Mobile, is a significant step up for me because it adds real-time traffic at the push of a button. When I was driving to an IEEE ad hoc meeting in San Jose, I used the traffic displays to dynamically re-route myself in response to traffic conditions.

It’s not all pleasant, though. The version that I downloaded on to the Motorola RAZR crashes the phone on a search. I can start up the application just fine, but just before a search completes, the screen goes blank and the phone reboots. I have to believe that this is a RAZR bug, rather than a Google bug, since the map program is implemented in Java, and the Java VM should protect the phone OS from anything bad in the application.

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