Y2K7 fun in MythTV

I’m going to be away from my MythTV system for the IEEE 802.11 meeting in Orlando next week, so I had to update my MythTV system with the latest timezone fix. Getting the time zone data loaded correctly was just the start of the process, though.

After updating the time zone, I checked the recording schedule for the coming week, and noticed that everything was off by an hour. As an example, a repeat of House is airing on Monday at 8 pm. Immediately prior to the time zone update, everything was fine. When I checked on the recording schedule after the time zone update, everything had shifted one hour earlier. (House was “updated” to record at 7 pm, and when I clicked through to it in MythTV, it showed me what was actually airing at 7 pm.) To clear everything out, I had to reboot the system and run mythfilldatabase –refresh-all to reload all the data for the next two weeks. It appears that data was initially loaded into the database assuming the daylight time cutover of April 1 so that everything was off by an hour when the cutover data magically moved up to March 11. Fortunately, it was easy to fix by reloading all the data after the time zone rules were installed correctly.

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