Crippled Internet stations at the SAS lounge at Heathrow Airport

For my trip to Abu Dhabi, I had to change planes in London. The downside of my itinerary is that I will need to spend the better part of today at Heathrow Airport as a transit passenger. Fortunately, I have access to the SAS lounge so I don’t need to sit in the departure lounge for eight hours.

Although I have access to the lounge, the Internet situation is sub-optimal. Their captive 802.11 portal insists on redirecting me to the SAS web site no matter what I try to do (and I was even willing to give them money!). I’m writing this from one of the crippled Internet stations in the lounge. When you first walk up to a machine, it connects you via Citrix MetaFrame to a central server somewhere, and allows you precisely one Internet Explorer window. That’s an annoyance, at least until you go to a site that pops up a window that refuses to fully load and ties up your one window. When you get a web application that doesn’t like you for some reason (I’m talking to you, Outlook Web Access), there is no easy way to quit your session!


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