MythDVD 0.20 is cool

One of the pleasant surprises in the MythTV 0.20 upgrade was the improved functionality in MythDVD. In 0.18 and 0.19, I had an unattractive choice. I could use either xine, which supported DVD menus but didn’t rewind, or MPlayer, which supported rewind but not the the DVD menus. (Xine does have a rewind button in its skin, but there doesn’t appear to be a keyboard shortcut for it, which makes it impossible to use with LIRC.)

The MythDVD 0.20 internal player supports DVD menus, so there’s no reason to use an external player. The internal player supports everything that TV playback does, so I get a unified GUI, plus I can use the same keys to adjust aspect ratio, audio tracks, and captioning.

The key point of a DVD player on Linux, though, is to ignore the forced commercials at the start of the disk. In Xine, I defined a special key just to jump to the root menu. To do the same in the internal MythDVD player, I decided to overload the keystroke that I’ve assigned to CH_PREV, which means my “previous channel” button is now the time-saving jump-to-the-root-menu button.

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