Another lineup rebuild erases MythTV guide data

When I arrived home tonight, I checked on my MythTV system to ensure that it was going to record tonight’s programming, and once again, I saw that it was going to sit idle this evening. In the car on the way home, I’d heard an ad for a new episode of 30 Rock, so I thought that couldn’t possibly be right.

A quick check of the guide data showed that there was “NO DATA” on TV, just like last week. Only now, it was because the format of the digital channels stored by Zap2It apparently changed. When I went to edit the linup on line, I saw that the digital channels had vanished; re-constructing the lineup showed the problem. The digital channels are now referred to not by their frequency, but by their remapped number. (In the picture below, KQED’s digital channels are 9-1 through 9-5; a week ago, they all appeared as channel 30.)

New format for digital channels

While the data feed has changed, I am not comfortable with MythTV’s blind acceptance of it. If the new data update causes all the guide data to be erased, it seems like a useful safety feature to retain the old data and raise an error message. Part of the reason I use MythTV is that I have a 3-tuner setup, so had I not caught this problem, I would have lost some of what I intended to record tonight. Instead, I would prefer that MythTV retain guide data if it does not receive an update.

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